Thank goodness to some of the most dedicated men and women of today’s modern world. If it was not for them, much of what we know about ourselves and about the world around us would not have been possible. Because let’s face it, we spent a lot of time at public libraries during our high school and college years and while we all did our best with our research, it was never enough. We were all always running against the clock in regard to compiling more than enough facts and theories and quotes to compile papers or essays that would at least stand out.

Is it any wonder then that for some of the world’s great writers, historians, political and economics analysts as well as scientists, well, especially the scientists, given the kind of work they have to put up with, that it takes many years for them to produce manuscripts worthy of the Pulitzer? Now imagine this. Throughout history, there have been many famous men and women who went on to, quite literally, in whichever role they were in at the time, change the world. During their history making lives, they said a great deal of things.

Especially if they were leaders with whichever form of title accorded to them or self-proclaimed, they went on to make many famous quotes in addressing the people they were leading or serving. For us to get the benefit of all that these men and women said and wrote could quite possibly take a few hundred years to read through. We will never live that long, unless of course, science advances to such a degree in our own lifetimes. But today, we can already benefit from the many famous quotes that these famous people made.

This is because pretty much all of them are now recorded for all eternity on the World Wide Web. As one famous Biblical quote states; what is written, stays written. There is just no way that these recordings can ever be erased. You know, we owe a huge amount of gratitude to those dedicated men and women. It is thanks to them that we now have websites like to fall back on for our own daily inspiration and motivation. They would have to be dedicated to have spent many hundreds of hours of their lives sifting through books and archives to transfer the famous words of famous men and women to the internet.

We merely say these things verbatim, but some famous quotes during famous moments in history already come to mind. We shall mention these chronologically as they occurred in history. One of America’s greatest leaders told his people to never be afraid. And look how their ascendants have turned out. Thanks to one great leader’s tirade to never give up, the world was saved from one of the greatest tyrannies ever. And looking well into the future, a modern American remarked how much we should all embrace the concept of change.