DIY inspiration for first timers

Fair to say that a majority of readers here tonight have been proverbial pen pushers. Today, many of us could call ourselves button pushers or desk jobbers. This means that we spend a great deal of our productive or professional lives sitting in front of a desktop PC, well, yes, that’s right, working. Many of us can take a quick glimpse at our fingers and we’ll quickly see how pinky or lightly tanned it is. Give those fingers and palms a quick rub and, yes, that’s right, it’s quite soft, isn’t it. Many of us are just simply, or weren’t, cut out for working with our hands.

Many fear the day when they’re going to have to grab a few tools and do something as simple as change an electric plug. They are scared of shorting or creating a great big, and maybe even, dangerous shock. But here’s quite a pleasant shock indeed. Doing things with our hands is not as difficult as it seems. Let’s start with the one great advantage that we have over others. We can read, right. Not only that, because it’s part of our jobs anyway, we can read rather well. And if we can read well, we surely can read online instruction manuals on how to change that kitchen plug or build kitchen tables and chairs.

Speaking of the kitchen, look at things this way. If you can read a good book before bed at night, you can read a good recipe book. And if you can do that, you can cook yourself an inspirational and tasty meal indeed. We do hope this short DIY note on overcoming the fears to do things for ourselves for a change has been quite inspirational.